Journal of the BAA: Notes for contributors

By Hazel McGee

Special note: Although it exists mainly to publish the work of BAA members, the Journal also accepts suitable contributions from non-members, particularly those with an established reputation in their field. Non-members wishing to submit contributions are urged before doing so to study a recent issue of the Journal in a library or online, to note the style and nature of the content. (Please contact the BAA Office if you are interested in purchasing back issues of the Journal.) Material of particular interest to amateur observers, and reports of amateur observational projects, are most likely to gain acceptance.


Papers should be sent to the Papers Secretary, Jeremy Shears at, either by e-mail (preferred) or by post (three copies) to the address given in each issue or c/o the BAA Office.

They will be refereed, and, if approved by Council, published as soon as reasonably possible. Except in unusual circumstances, the delay between acceptance and publication is currently approximately one year.

Please see this longer article if you are considering preparing a paper for submission to the Journal.

All other contributions should be sent to the Editor. As well as Letters to the Editor, he will be pleased to accept contributions to Observers’ Forum, particularly interesting astronomical images or photographs, provided they are not submitted or published elsewhere. Photographs or media (PC only) will be returned only if a suitable stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.

Letters to the Editor

The Journal maintains a lively Letters column and welcomes communications on any subject to do with astronomy, especially those of particular interest to amateurs. Please e-mail the Editor at The Editor reserves the right to shorten or edit letters in the interests of clarity, brevity and style, and to reject material that is not found significant or interesting. A maximum length of 350 words is recommended. Please remember to include your full postal address, and to mark your letter ‘for publication’.

Book Reviews

Please e-mail the Editor if you are interested in joining our reviewers’ panel. Please include your full postal address, your particular qualifications or interests, and whether or not you are a BAA member.


The Journal is copyright the British Astronomical Association.

Individual articles, illustrations etc. remain the copyright of the author or imager, whose permission must be obtained before reproduction, either in hard-copy or online.

By agreeing to the publication of their contribution in the Journal, authors also agree to its publication on the Web, in the Astrophysical Data System or elsewhere, by arrangement with the Editor and Council.

Further information

This longer article gives more details of how to prepare and submit material for publication.