BAA Journal – Volume 123 Number 1 – February 2013

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 11Short paper: An observatory in the Pennines - Martin Cole
  • 14Identification of a dome near the lunar crater Hansteen Rafaello Lena & Jim Phillips
  • 20Barker’s Circle: a 1930s BAA lunar observing group Richard McKim
  • 33Historical annular solar eclipses - S. Mohammad Mozaffari
  • 37The orbital and superhump periods of the dwarf nova SDSS J093249.57+4725230 - Jeremy Shears et al.
  • 42The first confirmed superoutburst of the dwarf nova GALEX J215818.5+241924 - Jeremy Shears et al.
  • Notes and News

  • 3From the President - Nick Hewitt, Nick James and Nick & Andrea Turner
  • 32Comet PanSTARRS is looking good for March Index to the Journal, vol. 122 (2012) - Bob Marriott facing
  • Review

  • 60Obituary: Richard Henry Chambers, 1931–2012 The night sky in February & March - Brian Mills
  • Etc.

  • 10New members
  • 32Membership information
  • 62Meetings diary & small advertisements
  • 63Officers and Council
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