Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.101 Iss.2

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  • 81Jupiter in 1988-89 - John Rogers
  • Review

  • 124Return to the Red Planet (Burgess) / Modern Cosmology in Retrospect (Bertotti et. al.) / !Orrey / The Soviet Cosmonaut Team Mapping (Greeley and Batson) / Accretion-Powered Compact Binaries (Mauche) / Other books received
  • 101The multi-periodicity of W Cygni J.J. Howarth
  • 1990Presidential Address
  • Notes and News

  • 71Μ15 from the Hubble Space Telescope / A tilted spinning core in the Sun? / Nova Muscae 1991 / Dramatic quasar outburst / Mars
  • 79Letters
  • 106Historical Note Percival Lowell and the 'Canals' of Venus - Richard Baum
  • 121BAA Comet Section Meeting - Update
  • 95French astronomers in India during the 17th-19th centuries - R. E. Kochhar
  • Letters

  • 129Ordinary Meeting, 1991 January 5
  • Observers' Forum

  • 122Comets Metcalf-Brewington 1991a, Arai 1991b and Shoemaker-Levy 199Id / Geminid trail / Salyut 7 / Giant solar prominence
  • Etc.

  • 70Officers and Council
  • 107One hundred years of astronomy and the British Astronomical Association - Colin Ronan
  • 111Centenary Meeting Addresses Professional astronomy now - Francis Graham-Smith
  • 113The future role of the amateur astronomer - Patrick Moore
  • 115Short Papers Predicting sunspot activity - Jean Meeus
  • 117Astronomical observations in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle - Owen Brazell
  • 119On hyperbolic comets - David W. Hughes
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