Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.102 Iss.6

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  • 317Venus: Eastern and western elongations 1989-90 - John McCue and John Nichol
  • 324Jupiter in 1990-91 - John H. Rodgers
  • 336Meteor photography - S. J. Evans
  • 343The Hewitt Camera Archive at Crayford J. J. Howarth
  • Notes and News

  • 307Will Smiley stay out in the cold? / Where in the universe are the mysterious gamma-ray bursters? / Aurora Section / The remarkable recovery of Comet P/Swift-Tuttle / Solar Section / What's in a line? / Mars Section / Not only Hubble / New man on Mauna Kea
  • 314Letters and the Ramsey collapse / Simulating stereoscopic vision
  • 316Historical Note A Barnard Centenary: The finding of Jupiter V - Richard Baum
  • Review

  • 351Rendezvous in Space: The Science of comets (Brandt and Chapman) / Space (Gibson) / The Planets: Portraits of new worlds (Henbest) / The Guinness Book of Astronomy (Moore) / Other books received
  • 354BAA New members - Update
  • Etc.

  • 306Officers and Council
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