Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.103 Iss.4

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  • 164The life and times of E. M. Antoniadi, 1870-1944, Part 1: An astronomer in the making - Richard McKim
  • 171Venus: Eastern elongation 1990-91, Part 1: The polar hoods and circumpolar collars - Richard Baum
  • 178photo-mosaic of the complete south-eastern dark floor area in the lunar crater Schickard based on the photomicrography of Orbiter IV HR160/2A microfilm frame Keith W. Abineri
  • 181Video observations of the Geminid meteor shower in 1990 - A. J. Elliott and N. M. Bone
  • 184Short Papers Testing telescope mirrors for micro-ripple J. R. Fletcher
  • 185Some mutual planetary occultations Salvo De Meis
  • 187The work of the Historical Section of the British Astronomical Association - Ian Howard-Duff
  • Notes and News

  • 155Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031 / Venus eastern elongation 1993: Ashen light round-up/ Exciting events on Jupiter / Perseid threat?/ 1993 FW / Solar Section / Aurora Section / Calling planetary observers in the southern hemisphere
  • 162Letters Leap day deserves a look / Coude . . . another twist of the elbow
  • 183Historical Note Centenaries for 1994 - Barry Helherington
  • Review

  • 189Outpost on Apollo's Moon (Burgess) / John Herschel 1792-1871: A Bicentennial Commemoration (ed. King-Hele) / Choosing and Fiala) / Other books received
  • Letters

  • 202Ordinary Meeting 1993 March 31
  • BAA Updates

  • 196Joint Meeting of BAA and JAS Solar Sections 6 March 1993 / BAA Winchester Weekend 26-28 March 1993 / New Members / Obituary: George Lovi / BAA Membership
  • Observers' Forum

  • 194Solar flare and calcium plage / Globular cluster M13 / Nova Aquilae 1993
  • Etc.

  • 154Officers and Council
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