Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.104 Iss.4

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  • 157Some applications for amateur CCD cameras Nick James
  • 167Jupiter in 1991-1992 John H. Rogers & Michael Foulkes
  • 179An auto-focusing CCD camera mount R. W. Arbour
  • 183The Aurora 1993 R. J. Livesey
  • 194Short Paper Observations of Saturn in 1993 and 1993 at Pic du Midi and Yerkes William Sheehan
  • Notes and News

  • 165From the President / Protoplanetary discs found in Orion Nebula / Massive black hole confirmed in active galaxy / When is a Nova Dwarf? Membership information
  • Review

  • 196Fontana History of Astronomy and Cosmology (North) / Geneset - Target Earth (Wood & Campbell) / Images of the Cosmos (Jones, New members
  • BAA Updates

  • 189The Instruments and Imaging Section Obituary
  • 190G. C. I. Rawlings Observers'Forum
  • 1994Observing Mars in 1994-95 / Noctilucent clouds / Partial lunar eclipse of 1994 May 25 / Nova Ophiuchi
  • Etc.

  • 26Ordinary Meeting, 1994 January
  • 154Officers and Council
  • 199Letters
  • 203Identity of stars in Handbook occultation lists / Index of Occulted Stars / Urania in pursuit of Cleo I On seeing stars up chimneys I Practical Small advertisements
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