Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.106 Iss.6

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  • 309Recording the Moon and planets with a video camera Thomas A. Dobbins
  • 315The two bright comets of 1957 Michael J. Hendrie
  • 332Martian latitude and longitude measurements Richard McKim
  • 335Cold climate photography Michael Maunder
  • Review

  • 347Was there once life on Mars? / C/1995 Ol (Hale-Bopp) - Comet of the Century? / Aurora Section / Comet prospects Letters
  • BAA Updates

  • 354Joint meeting of the Comet Section & CUAS, 1996 June 8 / The BAA Student Group, 1994-1996 / Kenneth Essex Edgeworth New members
  • Etc.

  • 29E. M. Antoniadi's astronomical notebooks of the 1890s / Blue Moons / Observations of Venus / Understanding space and Ordinary Meeting, 1996 June 29 / Exhibition Meeting, 1996 June
  • 298Officers and Council
  • 314Membership information
  • 331Centenaries for 1997 Barry Hetherington
  • 355Small advertisements
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