Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.107 Iss.2

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  • 65C. R. d'Esterre and the mysteries of UV and UW Per M. P. Mobberley, P. M. Barber & G. M. Hurst
  • 72A possible new impact feature in the Okavango Delta Colin Henshaw
  • 75Astronomy in nineteenth-century Lancaster Peter Wade
  • 79Observations of the suspected variable NSV 1702 C. Lloyd, J. Watson & D. McAdam
  • 83Ken Beames: Australian telescope-maker extraordinaire - Wayne Orchiston
  • 88POSS - the ultimate deep-sky resource? - Owen Brazell
  • Letters

  • 106Hipparcos results change the distance scale of the Universe / Variable Star Section: One million and counting! / Aurora Letters
  • Etc.

  • 58Officers and Council
  • 74Recording the Moon with a video camera / Adjustment of the polar axis of an equatorial mounting / Area representatives New members
  • 81Membership information
  • 82Short papers A better formula for telescope limiting magnitudes? - Gerald North
  • 91Astronomy-friendly security lighting Chris Trayner
  • 107Small - advertisements
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