Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.109 Iss.1

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  • 9From the darkness emerging: Pluto and the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt Andrew J. Mollis
  • 14Comet Bennett 19691 Michael J. Hendrie
  • 22A mathematical method for identifying lines in stellar spectra Jack Martin
  • 25The design and construction of 'Astraea' roll-off roof observatory Mark K. Herbert
  • 31Jupiter without satellites, 1600-1799 - Jean Meeus
  • Review

  • 162When Pluto becomes the ninth planet / Tracking down targets by their chemical signature / Alternative spectrohelioscope Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs (Mobberley) / New Trends in Astronomy Teaching: IAU Colloquium
  • Letters

  • 40The 1998 Leonids: a preliminary report / An all-sky image of the 1998 Leonids / Asteroids and Remote Planets Section / Letters
  • Etc.

  • 2Officers and Council
  • 24Index to Volume 108 - facing
  • 45(Gouguenheim, McNally & Percy, Eds.) / A Dictionary of Astronomy (Ridpath, Ed.) I The Search for Life on Other Planets Other books received
  • 47Membership information
  • 47Small - advertisements
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