Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.109 Iss.5

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  • 239The Leonid meteor shower 1981-1997: the rise towards 1998/'99 N. Μ. Bone & S. J. Evans
  • 247The building of Fossil Light - a 46cm Lightweight Dobsonian reflector - Martin Lewis
  • 257Lunar limb corrections for total solar eclipses - John Eric Jones
  • 278Neptune 1989-1997 - Andrew J Hollis
  • Letters

  • 1999The future becomes the past / Eclipse observations from Truro School - a preliminary report / 'Everyone was walking around Special General Meeting, 1999 March 27 / Ordinary Meeting, Saturday 1999 March 27 / Ordinary Meeting, Saturday
  • Etc.

  • 15Mapping and naming the Moon - a history of lunar cartography and nomenclature (Whitaker) / The Moon: Resources, future Meeting of the Instruments and Imaging Section, 1999 May
  • 24April
  • 230Officers and Council
  • 263Report of the Council for the session 1998 August 1 to 1999 July 31
  • 280Membership - information
  • 291Unusual object 1998 DK36 / 'Measurement and analysis of radio emission from the quiet Sun' Other books received
  • 293New - members
  • 294Letters
  • 296Small - advertisements
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