Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.113 Iss.6

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 326The colours of photographed Leonid meteors - S. J. Evans
  • 329Australia’ s earliest planispheres - Wayne Orchiston
  • 333Towards the virtual observatory - R. J. Dodd
  • 340Lancaster Astronomical and Scientific Association – a history Peter Wade
  • 343The maximum possible duration of a total solar eclipse Jean Meeus
  • 348Centenaries for 2004 - Barry Hetherington
  • 357The BAA Observers’ Workshops Observing variable nebulae - Nick Hewitt
  • Observers' Forum

  • 366Select Committee report ‘all that we had hoped for’ Sky notes for 2003 December & 2004 January - Neil Bone
  • 368Notice board
  • 369Small advertisements
  • Etc.

  • 368Membership information
  • 370Officers and Council
  • 2003Cover image J. Br. Astron. Assoc. 113, 6,
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