Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.114 Iss.6

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 313Jupiter in 2000/2001. Part II: Infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths - John H. Rogers, Tomio Akutsu & Glenn S. Orton
  • 331Visual and photoelectric photometry of (11) Parthenope from 1989 to 2002 - Richard Miles et al.
  • 336The Star of Bethlehem and the comet of AD 66 - R. M. Jenkins
  • 343Eclipse predictions in the Kalendarium of Nicholas of Lynn Darren Beard
  • 349The BAA Observers’ Workshops Observing variable stars with binoculars - Melvyn D. Taylor
  • 353Centenaries for 2005 - Barry Hetherington
  • Review

  • 365From the President Letters
  • 366Exit pupil and visual acuity Sky notes for 2004 December & 2005 January - Neil Bone
  • Etc.

  • 361New members
  • 361Membership information
  • 368Notice board & small advertisements
  • 370Officers and Council
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