Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.115 Iss.3

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  • 8The transit of Venus, 2004 June
  • 159Reports and observations II
  • Refereed Papers

  • 150Peter D. Hingley
  • 1882The priest and the stuffed penguin: Father Stephen Perry SJ and the transit of Venus expeditions to Kerguelen Island, 1874, and Madagascar,
  • 127 Preamble - Hazel McGee & Nick James
  • 165Observations: the egress
  • Refereed Papers

  • 144The 2004 transit of Venus observed from the Open University observatory - Peter Chambers et al.
  • 139Reports and observations I
  • 1382004: the year of the transit Valerie & Andrew White
  • 132Some transit tales from history - Mike Frost
  • 130Observations: the ingress
  • 128An introduction - Richard McKim
  • Notes and News

  • 119Memorial to George Alcock commissioned by the BAA - Martin Morgan Taylor & Bob Mizon
  • BAA Updates

  • 177The transits of Venus (Sheehan & Westfall) Letters
  • 178Developing the Royal Observatory, Greenwich Sky notes for 2005 June & July - Neil Bone
  • Etc.

  • 126Membership information
  • 180Notice board & small advertisements
  • 182Officers and Council
  • 2005 J. Br. Astron. Assoc. 115, 3,
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