Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.118 Iss.1

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 14The accelerating circulation of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot John H. Rogers
  • 21Edward Walter Maunder FRAS (1851–1928): his life and times Anthony J. Kinder
  • 32Index to volume 117 - facing
  • Notes and News

  • 3Comet 17P/Holmes surprises us all - Martin Morgan–Taylor
  • Letters

  • 31Comet Holmes in 1892 BAA Out of London Weekend, Glasgow, 2007 August
  • BAA Updates

  • 60Patrick Moore on the Moon (Moore) Erratum: The total solar eclipse of 2008 August 1 (S. Williams)
  • Observers' Forum

  • 45Another Good Lighting Award presented Letters
  • Etc.

  • 11to September 2 - Tom Clackson
  • 42Membership information
  • 47Announcement: The BAA visits Dublin in 2008 September Special General Meeting & Ordinary Meeting, 2007 March 28 - Dominic Ford
  • 59Sky notes for 2008 February & March - Neil Bone
  • 61Meetings diary
  • 62Officers and Council
  • 63Notices & small advertisements
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