Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.121 No.1

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 13The Hampstead Observatory 1910–2010: a century of service to the public Douglas G. Daniels & Julia V. Daniels
  • 19Jupiter’s high-latitude storms: a Little Red Spot tracked through a Jovian year John H. Rogers et al.
  • 30Where have all the aurorae gone? - R. J. Livesey
  • 31Nocturnal occultations of Venus - Jean Meeus & Joe Rao
  • 32Index to the Journal,Vol. 120 (2010) - R. A. Marriott facing
  • 33VSX J003909.7+611233: a new Slowly Pulsating B (SPB) star in Cassiopeia? David Boyd et al.
  • 36Superoutbursts of the SU UMa-type dwarf nova CP Draconis Jeremy Shears et al.
  • Notes and News

  • 44 Letters
  • Review

  • 18News from Hanwell Community Observatory Membership information
  • 58Saturday opening of the RAS Library - Peter D. Hingley
  • 59Sky notes for 2011 February & March - Callum Potter
  • 61Meetings diary, notices & small advertisements
  • 63Officers and Council
  • 2011Cover image J. Br. Astron. Assoc. 121, 1,
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