Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.92 Iss.6

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  • 6Report of the Council
  • 11British Astronomical Association Accounts 1981-82
  • 5New Members
  • -2Reviews
  • -12Letters to the Editor
  • -14Meteor Section Meeting, 1982 March 13
  • -16Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1982 June 30
  • -17Report of the Exhibition Meeting, 1982 May 29
  • -18Photographs of Comet Austin (1982g)
  • -20A High-Speed, Flat-Field Photovisual Optical System for Amateur Telescope Makers
  • -23Results of the Project for the Comparison of the Performance of Astronomical Telescopes
  • -27A Review of Blagg's Formula
  • -28Two New Minor Planets
  • -30Observing the Sun in Safety
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