Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.93 Iss.1

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  • 1Photometric Parameters of Comets: 1948-1954 - Michael J. Hendrie and Charles S. Morris
  • 7Close-Approach Predictions for Comets and Asteroids - Charles Townsend and Scott Hanssen
  • 11How to Automate a 35 mm All-Sky Camera for an Automatic Fireball Network H a n s Betlem and Η. E. Mostert
  • 16Large Solar Prominence of 1982 September 17 - A. A. Mills
  • 17A 'Jamjar' Magnetometer - R . J . Livesey
  • 20Triple Conjunctions: Twins and Triplets - G. P. K o n n e n and J. Meeus
  • 25Sic Itur Ad Astra: A History of the Norman Lockyer Observatory - A. R. Hutchings
  • 29Solar Activity during 1978 K - . J. Medway
  • 31BAA Weekend Course, Winchester, 1982 - Richard H. Chambers
  • 32Observational Techniques: News and Views - T h e North Polar Sequence
  • 34Centenaries 1983 - Barry H e t h e r i n g t o n
  • 34BAA Residential Weekend at Horncastle, Lincolnshire, 1982 - B. C. Watts
  • 34A Puzzle of Constellations - J. D. C. M c M e n e m e y
  • 35Letters to the Editor
  • Review

  • 45Officers and Council, Session 1982-1983
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