Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.93 Iss.3

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  • 101Gravitational Waves and Their Detection - J. H o u g h
  • 105Voyager - to Jupiter and Saturn: The Journey of a Lifetime - II Garry E . H u n t
  • 111Fireball of 1981 May 25 - H o w a r d Miles
  • 114The Aurora, 1980 - R. J. Livesey
  • 117Computer Reduction of Solar Whole Disk Drawings - L. M. Dougherty, F. Dyson and M. D. Fickling
  • 120Transits of Earth as Seen from Mars - Jean Meeus and Edwin Goffin
  • Review

  • 127Infrared Astronomical Satellite - (IRAS)
  • 128Observational Techniques: News and Views - A Simple Aid for Prime-Focus Photography
  • 128Notes from Other Journals - G.J.Hodgkinson
  • 129Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1983 January 8
  • 131Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1983 January 26
  • 133Affiliated Societies - Thoughts on Affiliation by a Local Society - Muriel Wrigley
  • 133Japanese Amateur Astronomers' Convention - Seiji Kimura
  • 134Letters to the Editor
  • 143New Members
  • 144Notices 126, 130 and
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