Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.93 Iss.4

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  • 145Visibility of Near-Geostationary Satellites - Gordon E. Taylor
  • 149The Dumbell Nebula M27 - Ron Arbour
  • 150Fireball Survey: Report for the Years 1981-82 - Howard Miles
  • 156A Run-off Shed Observatory - Martin Mobberley
  • 160The Witch Aglaonice and Dark Lunar Eclipses in the Second and First Centuries BC - Peter Bicknell
  • 164Recent Events in the South Tropical Zone of Jupiter - John H. Rogers
  • 166Lunar Section Observations - G. W. Amery
  • 167The Lunar Total Eclipse of 1982 January 9 - G. W. Amery
  • Review

  • 172Obituary - R. d'E. Atkinson
  • 173Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1983 February 23
  • 175Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1983 March 30
  • 178Letters to the Editor
  • 191Comet IRAS/Araki/Alcock - Harold Ridley
  • 191New Members
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