Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.94 Iss.4

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  • 145Saturn 1943-1981: A Visual Photometric Study - I R. J. M c K i m a n d K. W. B l a x a l l
  • 152A Photoelectric Photometer - M. P e e l
  • 158The Aurora, 1982 - R. J. L i v e s e y
  • 163A Planet is a Cold Body - III - G. H. A. C o l e
  • 168Meridian Pillars - A Few Examples - David Gavine
  • 170Contributions to the Journal
  • Notes and News

  • 178Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1984 February 11
  • 181Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1984 February 29
  • 184Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1984 March 28
  • 186Letters to the Editor
  • Review

  • 173Obituary: Ben Burrell - W. E. F o x
  • 174Observational Techniques: News and Views
  • 196New Members
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