Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.95 Iss.5

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  • 193Edmond Halley, Scientist - D a v i d W. H u g h e s
  • 205Korean Auroral Records of the Period AD 1507-1747 and the SAR Arcs - Zhuwen Zhang
  • 211The Giacobinid Meteor Shower - Prospectus for 1985 - G e o r g e H. Spalding
  • 213An Amateur's Solar Cycle - Richard McKim
  • 215Photograph of a Fireball - Andrew Gatward
  • 216Photographic Observations of Comet IRAS-Araki-Alcock, 1983d - Cedric R. M a r t y s
  • Notes and News

  • 229Aurora Section Meeting, 1985 April 6
  • 230Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1985 March 27
  • 232Ordinary Meeting of the Association, 1985 April 13
  • 236The Association's Weekend Course at Winchester, 1985 April 23-24
  • 237Letters to the Editor
  • Review

  • 222Obituary: Caroline Herschel, 1906-1985 - Patrick M o o r e
  • 223The Astronomical Society of Southern Africa - V. M. L. C o o p e r
  • 244New Members
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