Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.96 Iss.3

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  • 125Giotto and Vega results on Halley's comet - Nigel Henbest
  • 128Halley's comet loses a tai l (photographs)
  • 129BAA observati on s of Halley's comet: preli mi nar y report no. 3 - Graham S. Keitch and Harold B. Ridley
  • 131Uranus: the vi e w from Voyager - Patrick Moore and Nigel Henbest
  • Notes and News

  • 143Halley medalli o n
  • 144Obituary: Charles Walter Munday - M. J. Hendrie
  • 144Editorial: Space: the way ahead
  • 145Letters to the Edi to r
  • 148The 1982-84 ecli ps e of Epsilon Auri ga e - J. E. Isles
  • 152Photographic astrometry wi t h short focal length objecti ve s and Richard Miles
  • 156The lunar crater Plato - K. P. Marshall and M. P. Mobberley
  • 166Observing Mars i n the 1980s: reference maps for the vi sua l observer - Richard McKim
  • 170Saturn, 1984 - Alan W. Heath
  • 176 Ordinary Meeti ng , 1985 November 27
  • 178Ordinary Meeti ng , 1985 January 4
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