Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.96 Iss.6

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  • Notes and News

  • 324Obituary: Derek Justin Schove (1913-86) - C o l i n A. R o n a n
  • 324Editorial: The year of the comet
  • 325Letters to the Editor
  • 328The Giotto encounter with Halley's comet - G r a h a m S. K e i t c h
  • 336Solar activity during 1980 - M. D. F i c k l i n g a n d L. M. D o u g h e r t y
  • 339Astronomy at Osmania University, India - S. R. S r i n i v a s a n
  • 342A star can be cold - G. H. A. C o l e
  • 349Southend Planetarium - Harry Ford
  • 353The astronomical art - the reconstruction and use of some Renaissance instruments - Allan C h a p m a n
  • Review

  • 361New members
  • 362Report of the Council, session 1985-86
  • 376Notices
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