Journal of the British Astronomical Association- Vol.96 No.5

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  • 253N otes and news
  • 263Letters to the Editor
  • Etc.

  • 4BAA observations o f H ailey’s comet: preliminary report no.
  • 266G ra h a m S. K eitch a n d H a ro ld B. R idley
  • 270D aw es, L assell and Saturn’s dusky ring - R . A. M a rrio tt
  • 278The Aurora 1984 - R. J. Livesey
  • 284W ho discovered the G alaxy? Presidential Address, 1985 - H e a th e r C o u p e r
  • 294Eclipsing binaries, Cancer to Corona Borealis, in 1972-84 - J. E. Isles
  • 299J. B. Sidgw ick, 1916-18 - P eter Jo h n s o n
  • 302Ordinary M eeting, 1986 March 8
  • 304Ordinary M eeting, 1986 March 26
  • 307Special General M eeting, 1986 April 30
  • 307Ordinary M eeting, 1986 April 30
  • 310Exhibition M eeting, 1986 M ay 17
  • 311Ordinary M eeting, 1986 M ay 17
  • 312W inchester W eekend, 1986 March 21-23
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