Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.97 Iss.5

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  • Review

  • 261Thirty years of the M a r k IA radio telescope at Jodrell B a n k - Tony Jones
  • 263Saturn 1 9 8 5 - Alan W. Heath
  • 267A s t r o n o m y and 'Les Ph ilosoph es' Jo n Ν. Brown - h
  • 270A s t r o n o m y in P o l a n d during the S e c o n d World W a r - K. Walter
  • 274T h e supercycles of SU U r s a e M a j o r i s - J. E. Isles
  • 277T h e semiregular variable RX B o o t i s - M. D. Taylor
  • 280A visit to the P i c du M i d i Observatory - Jean Dragesco and Rich ard McKim
  • 288Things to see and do in the dark - David Malin
  • 291Unit-power 'finders' - A. S. Wh ite
  • 293Writing for the Journal of the British Astronomical Association - Jacqueline Mitton
  • Observers' Forum

  • 303Satellites (Burns and Shapley Matthews) / Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations (Arp and Madore) / Norton's Meeting - Reports
  • Etc.

  • 27Lunar Section meeting / New members elected 1987 April 29 and May
  • 29Ordinary meetings: 1987 March 25 and April
  • 253News - Reports
  • 256Jodrell Bank's Mark IA / NASA Mars 'rover' / Comets / Visual studies of Venus / Malin 1 galaxy / Aurorae Letters to ht e - Editor
  • 259Telescope making section / Coating of mirrors / Goose zapped by meteorite? / Fate of the RGO / Penumbral lunar eclipses / BAA - Update
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