Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.98 Iss.5

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  • 234Strong interactions in the North Equatorial Belt of Jupiter - John H. Rogers
  • 241The 1986 perihelic dust storm of Mars - Marco Falorni
  • 245William Andrews, a 19th century amateur astronomer - Howard Miles
  • Review

  • 259In Darkness Born (Cohen) / The Primeval Universe (Narlikar) / Astrology: the evidence of science (Seymour) / The Internal (Kronk) / Other books received
  • 263BAA People at Exhibition Meeting / New Members / Special Meeting for Planetary Observers, Feb 1988 - Update
  • Observers' Forum

  • 229Sunspot / Conjunction in Sagittarius / Mizar and Alcor / M77 / Comet Liller / Lunar photography
  • Etc.

  • 149Reciprocity failure of photographic emulsions before and after hypersensitization by forming gas: a densitometric study - Jean Dragesco
  • 219Meeting Ordinary Meeting 1988 March 30 / Ordinary Meeting 1988 April 27 - Reports
  • 221Officers and Council Notice - Annual General Meeting
  • 221News ads / Aurora Section / Short papers in the Journal - Reports
  • 227Letters to the Editor Polish astronomy in World War 11 / Time signals / Colour of sunspots / Professional-amateur co-operation / N G C Centenary
  • 255Photometric properties of the minor planets: Observations of (18) Melpomene in 1981 - Andrew J. Hollis
  • 257The abomination of desolation: A Biblical reference to Halley's Comet? - Cyril D. Blount
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