Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.98 No.6

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  • 276Controlling a telescope with a microcomputer and stepper m o t o r s - John R. Nichol
  • 282Analysing sunspot activity: A qualitative and quantitative approach - Frank J. Ventura and Tony Tanti
  • 294D a w e s ' observations of M a r s , 1 8 6 4 - 6 5 Richard - McKim and Robert A. Marriott
  • 301T h e aurora 1986 R. J. - Livesey
  • 309Short Radioactive lenses as eyepieces David H. - Frydman
  • 311S h o c k waves, solar streams and the spread of aurorae in latitude J. P. Legrand - and P. A. Simon
  • 312An improved mirror-lens Arthur - Wilkinson
  • 317Report of the Council and Accounts for the session 1987 August 1 - 1988 July 31
  • 287Illuminating incidents in antipodean astronomy: J o h n Tebbutt and the founding of Windsor Observatory Wayne - Orchiston
  • Review

  • 159Slide sets / C o m e t s to cosmology (Lawrence) / O t h e r b o o k s received
  • 273Letters to the / K o d a i k a n a l Observatory / M a d r a s Observatory / A u r o r a Hawaii / Is Britain getting cloudier? - Editor
  • 293Historical - note: The Madler Phenomenon
  • 330Meeting Special General Meeting 1988 M a y 25 / Ordinary Meeting 1988 M a y 25 / Ordinary Meeting 1988 J u n e 18 - Reports
  • Observers' Forum

  • 307T m a x 3200 film - M31 and M 2 7 / July sunspots / Perseid meteor
  • 314BAA Obituary - William E. Fox / L u n a r Section meeting - Update
  • Etc.

  • 269News U K Schmidt - Reports
  • 271Officers and Council inside front N o t i c e s - Special General M e e t i n g and Christmas Lecture - cover
  • 272Loan of BAA instruments - - regulations
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