Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol.99 Iss.6

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  • 275Mira stars - IV: R Lyn, W Lyr, RY Oph, R Peg, X Peg and R Per - J. E. Isles and D. R. B. Saw
  • 282A simple automatic photoelectric te lescope. Part I: Overview and results Jack and Peter Ells
  • 288Photometric properties of the minor planets: Observations of (2) Pallas in 1982 and 1987 - Andrew J. Hollis
  • 291The annular solar eclipse of 2003 May 31 in the British Isles - Peter Macdonald
  • 292Short papers A lensless Schmidt camera Peter Fawdon and Maurice Gavin
  • 296Visual observations of Venus in the UV Ewen A. Whitaker
  • 297Focussing a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope Joe Μ. Η. Young
  • 300The complexity of sunspots R. J. Livesey
  • Review

  • 307Nevil Maskelyne (Howse) / Siderius Nuncius (Van Helden, trans.) / Cosmological Constants (Bernstein and Feinberg, eds.) / (McLean) / The Glow-in-the-Dark Night Sky Book (Hatchett) / Other Books Received
  • BAA Updates

  • 314UKC/BAA Symposium 1989 September 8 & 9 / New members
  • Observers' Forum

  • 302The active Sun / The North America Nebula / Lunar photography made simple / Lunar eclipse of 1989 August 17 / M44 and Μ103
  • Etc.

  • 214President's statement at the AGM
  • 269Officers and Council rare elements / A major change on Jupiter / Aurora / Nothing new under the Sun?
  • 273Letters to the Editor Meteor Organization
  • 281Discovering the Universe with the OU - Stephen Parry
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