A fireball over central Scotland on 2013 October 14

Marcus McAdam’s fireball image (see also the front cover of this Journal). The field of view (HxV) is approximately 74 x 40° and the two bright stars in the upper left are Hamal and Sheratan in Aries, with apparent magnitudes, corrected for extinction, of +2.4 and +2.9 respectively. The fireball itself passes down through the ‘V’ of Pisces from Andromeda towards Cetus. The intervening cloud makes it difficult to estimate the brightest portion of the fireball trail. Those with keen eyesight and knowledge of the sky will spot the planet Uranus in this image, partially obscured by the upper right hand edges of the cloud bisected by the fireball. (Courtesy www.facebook.com/MarcusMcadamPhotography)

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