A successful lunar graze observation by Loughton Astronomical Society

A successful observation of a lunar graze requires equipment testing, careful planning and good luck on the night. These criteria were all met by observers from Loughton Astronomical Society on 2014 Nov 1, when the 7.2 mag star SAO145938 grazed the southern cusp.
Timed observations of graze or near-graze events are particularly helpful in checking the lunar limb profile. Single station observers can return useful results that can be aligned with the Kaguya altimetry data and Watts profile. This report lists the instruments and auxiliary equipment used by the Loughton group, and describes results obtained from their home locations. Steve Ringwood (Loughton AS) coordinated observers in NE London, using track details obtained from the BAA Lunar Section. The prediction is listed in the 2014 Handbook and was also included in the table of graze occultations in the Sky Notes in the 2014 October Journal. (continued….)

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