An investigation of GSC 02038-00293, a suspected RS CVn star, using CCD photometry

We present the results of differential time series photometry for GSC 02038-00293, a suspected RS CVn binary, using data collected with the Open University’s PIRATE robotic telescope located at the Observatori Astronomic de Mallorca between 2010 May 10 and June 13. A full orbital period cycle in the V band and partial cycle of B and R bands were obtained for GSC 02038-00293 showing an orbital period of 0.4955±0.0001 days. This period is in close agreement with that of previously published values but significantly different to that of 0.330973days found by the All Sky Automated Survey. We suggest GSC 02038-00293 is a short period eclipsing RS CVn star and from our data alone we calculate an ephemeris of JD 2455327.614 + 0.4955(1) x E. We also find that the previously observed six to eight year cycle of starspot activity which accounts for the behaviour of the secondary minimum is closer to six years and that there is detectable reddening at both minima.


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