Data Protection & Security

The BAA takes Data Protection & Security very seriously and complies with all applicable legislation.

Recently the General Data Protection Regulations came into force and the Trustees have been working on these for some months to prepare. For those with good data protection practices already in place, the new regulations are straightforward to implement. Additional requirements are to document in more detail the Data Protection & Security Policy, to ensure that it is adopted throughout an organisation, to regularly review conformance, and where new systems or processes are implemented to ensure that Data Protection & Security are at the forefront (‘Privacy by Design’).

We have documented our approach and detailed the rights of which we need to notify you in our Privacy Notice, which is available on our website at

Should you wish to contact us to discuss any questions, please either contact the BAA Office or our Data Protection Lead, the Business Secretary (Bill Tarver) whose contact details are at the back of the Journal.

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