Faint-state transitions in the SW Sextantis nova-like variable HS 0455+8315

We present the fourteen-year lightcurve of the SW Sextantis nova-like variable HS 0455+8315, from 2000 November to 2015 February, which reveals two deep faint states at magnitude 19-20, which lasted about 500 and 540 days. Outside these faint states, the star spent most of the time in a normal state at a magnitude of about 15.3. The second faint state was the better observed of the two and was found to have a linear decline of 0.009 mag/day, which was soon followed by a more rapid brightening at -0.020 mag/day. Time-series photometry during both the normal state and near minimum light at magnitude ~18 showed that the eclipses had very similar profiles and that outside the eclipse there were irregular modulations typical of the flickering inherent to accreting CVs. Our photometry leading up to the minimum shows that accretion was still continuing during this time.

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