Quadrantids 2014 − Multi-station meteor videography

NEMETODE, a network of low-light video cameras in the British Isles, operated in conjunction with the BAA Meteor Section and other groups, monitors the activity of meteors, enabling the precision measurement of radiant positions and, from the best quality data, the altitudes and geocentric velocities of meteoroids and their solar system orbits. The results from multi-station observations of the 2014 Quadrantids meteor shower are presented and discussed.

The first probable Quadrantid candidate was recorded on 2013 December 19/20 (Leeds NW) and the last on 2014 January 20/21 (Leeds NW). In total, 344 recordings were made of 312 individual Quadrantids by WS (160), ARP (101), MF (60), DA (21) and MOC (2).
The magnitude distribution of the events (measured by UFO Analyser) is given in Table 1.

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