Solar eclipse of 2022 October 25: Photographs by members


While a touch of cloud added drama to some observations (see above, by Pauline Phillips from Newbury at 09:50 UT), clear skies over much of the UK allowed many to view the event in its entirety. Among them was John Owen in Aberdeen, who obtained this series of images at five-minute intervals:

A photogenic feature of the eclipse was the disappearance of Active Region 3131 behind the Moon’s mountainous profile, which was imaged from Udine, Italy by Mattia Piccoli (10:23 UT).

But the event was enjoyed visually, too. Duncan Hale-Sutton in Neatishead, Norfolk projected it with binoculars (below; 09:45 UT), while Dr Paul Abel in Leicester obtained H-alpha drawings with his Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (bottom; 09:33, 09:52 & 10:17 UT).

The eclipse projected by binoculars, by Duncan Hale-Sutton.


Drawings of the eclipse by Dr Paul Abel.

Mazin Younis in Manchester elected for a mix of old and new technology, with an online audience of 51,000 enjoying his projected view.

Text by Philip Jennings, Editor of the Journal of the BAA

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