The BAA Instrument Collection

The following instruments are currently available for loan:

150-mm reflector by Tal
10-inch reflector, Dobsonian mount
200-mm SCT by Meade
8-inch Maksutov, no mount
SBIG ST-7 CCD camera
SBIG ST-8XE CCD camera
SBIG ST-10XME CCD camera
90-mm f/13.8 Meade ETX

Additional specifications can be supplied on request. Older instruments are also available, but require extensive refurbishment. The loan of instruments is subject to the following conditions:

Regulations for the Loan of Instruments

1. The applicant must be a Member of the Association of at least two years’ standing, and must meet such other requirements as shall be notified on application.
2. A value shall be placed on the instrument at the time of loan, and the borrower shall be responsible to the Association for the return of the instrument or the said value.
3. The instrument shall be on loan for one year, such loan to be renewable, subject to review.
4. The instrument shall not be taken out of the United Kingdom without the consent of Council.
5. The instrument shall be returned immediately on the borrower ceasing to be a Member of the Association.
6. The instrument shall be returned in good order, fair wear excepted, and all damage beyond that due to fair wear shall be made good by the borrower.
7. All costs of packing and carriage shall be borne by the borrower.
8. These rules shall not be considered as interfering with the right of Council to call for and obtain the return of the instrument at any time.
An application for loan should be supported by another Member (preferably a Section Director), and include details of previous experience with similar instruments if any. In return for the loan the borrower is expected to submit observations to one or more of the Observing Sections. Insurance of the instrument while on loan is the responsibility of the borrower. All enquiries and applications should be addressed to the undersigned.

Bob Marriott, Curator of Instruments

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