The orbital and superhump periods of the deeply eclipsing dwarf nova PU UMa

We report unfiltered photometry during superoutbursts of PU UMa in 2009 and 2012. The amplitude was 4.5 magnitudes above mean quiescence and lasted at least 9 to 10 days. Superhumps were present with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to ~0.3 mag, thereby confirming PU UMa to be a member of the SU UMa family of dwarf novae. The mean superhump period during the later part of the 2012 outburst was Psh= 0.08076(40)d. Analysis of the eclipse times of minimum, supplemented with data from other researchers, revealed an orbital period of Porb= 0.077880551(17)d. The superhump period excess was e= 0.037(5). During the 2012 outburst, which was the better observed of the two, the FWHM eclipse duration gradually declined from 9.5 to 5 min. The eclipse depth was up to 1.7 magnitudes.


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