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Comet Section Observing Guide

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Comet Section Observing Guide

After a long delay we have revised the Observing Guide, originally produced by Jonathan Shanklin, to bring it up to date. I'd like to thank the section committee who have helped me with this task and I hope that the new version will be of use to both novice and advanced observers. Our intention is to keep this up to date with fairly regular updates.  You can find the Guide here:

If you spot any errors or can think of other material that should be included please let me know.

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Comet Section Observing Guide

This is an excellent publication Nick and team. I would encourage everyone to have a look at this wonderful resource. It is a great example of what the BAA does so well: providing authoritative and practical guidance to enable people to get the most out of their observing. Well done!

All the best,


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Well done Nick and all the

Well done Nick and all the guys in updating the guide.

Good resource.