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LowSpec Calibration Spectrum

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LowSpec Calibration Spectrum

"Calibration" spectra for Neon and Relco from the LowSpec (using my DIY calibration unit).  Fitted with a 600 l/mm (30 x 30) grating, 23um slit and slightly larger lenses.

Unfortunately, I had to use a 'small chip' Orion G3 as a test camera so had to stick half a dozen frames together to get a full spectrum but the results are encouraging.  Even with my "nearest five pixels by eye will do" stitching together of frames!  AstroArt used for capture, BASS for spectra.

Coverage from 370nm to about 950nm for Relco and upward of 580nm for Neon although I've a whole host of well-defined Neon lines blue-ward that I can't identify.  Most of the twin wavelength lines were nicely split.  At an individual frame level the RMS was much less than 0.1 although some of the Relco lines are askew in the compilation due to my hurried stitching.

SimSpecV4 suggests resolving power at around 1840 rising to 2380 for my Atik460.  Just hope for a nice clear night to try a 'live' target.  Otherwise it's a solar spectrum...

I've a second 1200 line/mm machine finished that I'll test at the weekend (Simspec suggests resolution of >5000?).