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Uranus New Feature Ocober 2018

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Uranus New Feature Ocober 2018

Members will have noticed the Bulletin 01020 entitled "Bright Storm on Uranus". This was observed by the 60" on Mount Palomar on October 22nd. However, it was described as "Bright" and the Bulletin says that some amateur observations have been made.

I observed visually a feature on Uranus (to my surprise since it had always appeared bland previously) on the evening of 31st August 2018 near 2300 UT which may have been this. My notes describe it as a "whiteness" in the (probable) region of the equator. Unfortunately I was not prepared for photography. I made a very rough sketch (I am not a good draftsman).

So, has anyone taken any images of Uranus from a bit before then and now? There may be evidence of the storm from earlier than October 22nd lurking in people's computers!

Of course, I am interested in whether I actually observed the storm or if I must look for another explanation of the phenomenon I saw.

I was using a Skywatcher Quattro 10" astrograph with a Baader 2" fitting 5mm Hyperion eyepiece and a *2 Barlow for the most detailed observation.

My impression at the time was that it resembled (one of) the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts on Jupiter more than a storm.

Also, I sent a Report to the Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section Director through the Website system which seems not to have been received.


David Perkin.