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Election 2019 - the results

The ballot counted on October 16 had two components: the paper ballot and the
online system created by the Electoral Reform Services. Combined results were as

President: Alan Lorrain 471
Vice President: Callum Potter ex officio
Treasurer: Geoff King 464
Business Secretary: William Tarver 451
Papers Secretary: Jeremy Shears 475
Meetings Secretary: Hazel Collett 471

Five elected Trustees:

Richard McKim: 352
Nick Hewitt: 311
John Chuter: 300
Peta Bosley: 255
Tim Parsons: 222

The votes of the remainder of those who stood as Trustee were added to their votes for Council members:

Five elected to Council:

David Boyd: 386
Steve Bosley: 363
Marie-Louise Archer: 360
Ron Johnson: 359
Owen Brazell: 319

Total valid votes 126 paper, 420 on-line = 546
Invalid/spoilt 10 paper, 6 (blank or void) on-line = 16
Voted twice 15 paper voting slips discarded

Many thanks to the scrutineers.

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