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William Dawes - papers on ArXiv

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William Dawes - papers on ArXiv

Two papers appeared on ArXiv today which might be of interest. Pre-prints from Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage (March 2021 issue).

William Dawes: Practical Astronomy on the "First Fleet" from England to Australia

Sydney's Scientific Beginnings: William Dawes' Observatories in Context

Both papers are by Richard de Grijs (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia), Andrew P. Jacob (Sydney Observatory, Sydney, Australia)

William Dawes was father of William Rutter Dawes.

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Thanks for the links. 

Thanks for the links. 

It is a fascinating story, of course. Myself, I am always in awe of those who could take an accurate sighting on a ship. I have a hard enough time in my backyard which is pretty much stable and steady.

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William Dawes

I read with interest the paper. I have a connection with this as one of the convicts Henry Kable1767 on the ship Friendship with the fleet was related to my mother's family.  Family story has it he married another convict on the same ship and finally had 11 children. He did well in Australia and owned a fleet of ships before he died.