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Brown Dwarfs

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Brown Dwarfs

The study of brown dwarfs is gaining a lot of momentum in astrophysics lately. Brown dwarfs are crucial to our understanding how mass plays an important role in differentiating between a massive planet and a brown dwarf. It has been estimated that brown dwarfs typical comprise from 13 to 75 Jupiter masses, beyond which nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium occurs making a stellar body. This threshold is still not clearly understood and some brown dwarfs with masses upward of 75 till 90 have been discovered.

Also with a potential to harbor transiting exoplanetary systems, brown dwarfs could be a real fancy item for investigation and discovery..

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They are interesting objects,

They are interesting objects, a number of colleagues in my own department study them and due to their low mass, one can loook for low mass extra solar planets in orbit around them.