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Gary Poyner reaches 250,000 variable star obs!

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Gary Poyner reaches 250,000 variable star obs!

Posted by Jeremy at 16:55 on 2012 Mar 24

Roger Pickard, VSS Director, has announced the following remarkable news:On 2012 March 23rd at 23.44 Gary Poyner made his 250,000 variable star observation with an estimate of W Com at 14.9 Magnitude!Congratulations to Gary on this remarkable achievement which has only been attained by four other observers worldwide.Gary adds: "It was the 118th observation of the night, and five observations later it clouded over, so I was lucky to do it last night."Record breaking seems to be a bit of a habit at the moment with John Toone passing 150,000 this year and then Rod Stubbins and John Bortle passing 200,000. Who will be next?