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Posted by Denis Buczynski at 17:10 on 2012 Dec 02

New comet = Old CometA discovery of a new comet by Rob Matson using the SWAN instrument on the SOHO spacecraft has resulted in the linkage between it and an old lost comet last seen in 1827. The lost comet was disginated D/1827 M1 Pons-Gambart. The new comet was designated SWAN12B amd the linkage was made by Gareth Williams at the Minor Planet Center and Maik Mayer of comet-ml. The new designation is likely to be C/2012 V4 .The comet was the forth oldest on the list of lost periodic comets and it seems that at least two or three return apparitions have been missed. The comet is around 11th magnitude at present located close to the southern horizon as seen from the UK in Sagittarius. The comet moves north over the next month but will not be much brighter than it is presently. So not a spectacular comet to view but one that has been last for almost 200 years is a major discovery.Denis BuczynskiSecretary Comet Section British Asstronomical Association