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Any Solex or OrbFit software users out there?

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Any Solex or OrbFit software users out there?

Posted by Americo Watkins at 16:04 on 2013 Jul 06

Are there any members familiar with using either Solex or OrbFit programmes. I have the most up to date version of Solex and I know OrbFit is a Unix/Linux based programme which I intend to try and get up and running - though I have an earlier version to play with and have used Unix some years agoI am researching into the orbital dynamics of interactions between comets/Centaurs with other solar system objects, particularly Jupiter and Saturn.I have begun to "play" with Solex and have reproduced one or two interactions that compare well with published results, but I would like to touch base with other users to improve my abilities.Thanks Eric