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Supernova #153 for Tom Boles

After a lean six months with no discoveries, Tom Boles has added to his tally this month with the discovery of a type 1a supernova in an anonymous galaxy SDSS J161623.74+515313.9.

The mag 16.7 object was discovered on unfiltered CCD images taken on Jul 18.024 and 18.947 with a 0.35-m reflector.  The new object is located at R.A. = 16h16m24.29s. Decl. = +51o53′05″.7, which is approximately 4″.9 east and 8″.4 south of the center of the galaxy.

The supernova type was determined to be type 1a by The Nearby Supernova Factory II – see Atel 5219

Supernova discovery image by Tom Boles

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