Observation by Tony Rodda: HD209459 processing 'anomaly'.

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Tony Rodda


Tony Rodda


2017 Aug 15 - 22:17


2017 Aug 17 - 12:31



  • C925+CGEM
  • ALPY600 with photometric slit
  • ATIK460EX

Newcastle upon Tyne

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HD209459 processing 'anomaly'.

About this image

An unremarkable star by virtue of it being a Miles 'standard' star but uploaded here as an example of processing results comparison between ISIS (orange trace) and Demetra (blue).  (I'm a fan of both s/w packages).  The third curve is from the actual Miles database and is green.

Although both my curves are very similar note the differences at the blue end and the fact that Demetra gets closer to the Miles curve than ISIS.

Probably me over-compensating for the Atik's 'blue hump' in the Response Curve process in ISIS.  Whereas Demetra is a more automated process.

I think this needs a bit more investigation on my part.  I just need a few more clear nights!

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