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Observation by Tony Rodda: Spectroscopes running

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Tony Rodda


Tony Rodda


2018 Mar 05 - 12:50


2018 Mar 18 - 12:59



  • LowSpec


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First tests


Spectroscopes running

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All the holders, etc printed (in PETG-Carbon) for the 'over-sized' 600 l/mm grating, collimation lens and Camera lens.  Additional grating holders for other l/mm too.  PETG with carbon is an excellent material awful to print with, but getting there. Still experimenting with printer settings.

'Calibration' circuitry complete and running for Neon and Relco.  The latter after adding a diode voltage amp phase to the existing voltage multiplication chain, blowing a few components and swearing a great deal.  It's a good thing the Chinese sell 50 components for tuppence. This is now "miniaturized" and boxed (See photos) although not fully fitted - a few print/design issues to work through properly.  (Its miniature by virtue of the fact my initial attempt was three times larger than it needed to be). I've an alternative miniaturized transformer based step-up circuit to try later.

I've added a manual 'screen' that can be inserted in front of the slit to reflect calibration bulbs. Works but not completely sorted - on the right lines.  (This only works for the 'ALPY' slit.  Not enough room in the 'guiding chamber' when the OVIO holder is fitted).

A couple of cameras rigged purely for initial alignment but showing nice sharp emission lines across the spectrum.  Lots of messing about with lens positions of course and (back) focus is tight so I'm printing different spacers to make things easier.  I've drilled and inserted grub screws into the (metal) camera interfaces for security.

I've been ignoring the real observing 'work' and am taking a break to catch up but I plan to put the basic LowSpec on the 'scope the next chance I get.

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