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Observation by Tim Haymes: Abell 1689 in Virgo

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2020 Mar 17 - 02:47


2020 Mar 18 - 18:13

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 13h11m
Dec: -01°20'
Position angle: -0°31'

Field size

0°31' × 0°31'

  • Planewave CDK24 at F6.5
  • TelescopeLive CHI-1
  • FLI PL 9000 CCD

3 x 10min in Lum Filter



Target name

Abell 1689


Abell 1689 in Virgo

About this image

A very massive cluster at 2.2 billion L yrs, well known for gravitational arcs seen  in images by Hubble ST - though not detected in these frames.  Field of view 31x31min arc.

The images received are dark and flat corrected with astrometric calibration.  Deep Sky Stacker was used to combine them, with a histogram stretch in AstroArt 5.

I was interested to see how deep i could go with a 60cm in 10min,  The brighter members of the cluster are roughly 17th mag without checking catalogs.

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